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Restricted items


There's not much we can't carry, but for a full list of restricted items or items that can not be covered by insurance, please see below

Vehicle size guide


Not sure which vehicle size to pick? For a more detailed guide on vehicle sizes please see below

Terms and conditions

All consignments are carried subject to our terms and conditions. By clicking "Same day quote and book" below, you are confirming your acceptance. For full details please click here. If you require additional liability cover, please call 0800  294 2442 or email for a quote. Any journeys requiring vehicles to use ferries or trains will incur additional charges, please call or email for a quote in this instance

Same day courier instant quote and book

For a same day courier service, please click below for an instant quote. For our other services including next day parcel and pallet delivery, haulage or international services please email or call 0800  294 2442 to speak to one of our customer services team

Vehicle selection guide (dimensions in cms)

Small Courier Van

Choose a small courier van for:

  Boxes or 1 pallet under 500 kgs

Maximum pallet height - 105

Load space dimensions 

Floor length - 150

Width between wheel arches - 110

Interior Height - 110

SWB Transit Courier Van

Choose a SWB transit courier van for:

  Boxes / pallets over 500 kgs, but under 800 kgs total weight

Maximum of 2 Standard or 2 Euro pallets

Load space dimensions (between wheel arches): 

246 (L) x 134 (W) x 127 (H)

LWB Transit Courier Van

Choose a LWB transit courier van for:

  Boxes / pallets over 800 kgs, but under 1,200 kgs total weight

Maximum of 3 Standard or 4 Euro pallets

Load space dimensions (between wheel arches): 

330 (L) x 134 (W) x 154 (H)

Trucks and specialist vehicles

For more details on our trucks and specialist vehicles and services, feel free to give us a call on 0800 294 2442 or send us an email 

Restricted and prohibited items

Items requiring special care in transit:

All Consignments and their packaging must be fit and safe to be handled and carried by us and no Consignment can exceed the dimensions or carrying capacity of the vehicle booked. Full guidance on vehicle sizes above. 

We can usually carry unpacked items, but this must be discussed with our customer service team in advance - 0800 294 2442 or - as special protective packaging may be required to be supplied by us. For goods of this nature, cover for loss or damage in transit must be confirmed by us in writing in advance of collection, otherwise goods are carried entirely at your own risk. In addition, any liability is strictly limited to our terms and conditions (available here), unless additional liability cover is also confirmed in writing by us in advance of collection. 

We will not carry under any circumstances bullion, antiques, cashiers or travellers cheques, currency, stamps,  firearms, money orders, cigarettes, animals, precious stones or metals or negotiable instruments in bearer form and will have no liability  (whether caused negligently or otherwise) for loss, damage, mis-delivery  or non-delivery or late delivery of the same.

We will carry, but for insurance reasons cannot provide any form of liability cover for any perishable goods,  food, liquids, plants, drugs, medicines or alcoholic beverages. These are therefore carried entirely at your own risk.

Dangerous Goods:

We cannot transport any items specified in classes 1, 2.3 or 7 of the UNRTDG; and  unless we otherwise agree in writing before transit commences, contain any other class of Dangerous Goods.

if we agree to carry any Dangerous Goods  you must comply with all requirements of the UNRTDG in relation to such  goods and you warrant that no Consignment will contain any Dangerous  Goods in excess of the amounts thereof specified in the UNRTDG;

You must provide us with a full written declaration of the nature and  content of such goods and the nature of the hazard presented by such  goods together with all instructions for the safe handling of such  goods. Such goods must be  properly and safely packed and labelled in accordance with any  requirements which we specify and in accordance with statutory  regulations in force from time to time for transport by road, sea or  air;

You will indemnify us and  keep us indemnified against all any costs, expenses, liabilities,  injuries, losses, damages, claims, demands, proceedings or legal costs  and judgments which we suffer or incur as a result of any breach of the  warranties contained in this clause, or us carrying such Dangerous  Goods, whether declared as such or not.